Dentures and overdentures are a custom-made dental prosthetics that can solve a number of oral issues. Along with the fairly-obvious benefits of improving smiles and replacing teeth, dentures are also a great solution to improve speech, ensure facial muscles are supported, and to you help chew more comfortably.

At Corner Denistry, we have years of experience in creating and repairing custom dentures and overdentures for our patients. Whether you need a conventional denture, an overdenture, need teeth pulled first, or need your current set repaired, Dr. Shim will be able to work with you to get you back to smiling in no time.

Types of Dentures at Corner Dentistry

Depending on your specific case, budget, and preferences, Dr. Shim will recommend one of the following dentures options to you. No matter what type you choose, they’ll be custom-made and tailored to you and your existing teeth to ensure maximum comfort and longevity.

Conventional Dentures

This type of denture is the most common type of dentures made today. Conventional full dentures are made once all the teeth have been removed and the healing process has begun. Because of the healing time, you might be without teeth for several weeks. In this case, an immediate full denture can be made and used until the conventional full denture is ready.

full conventional dentures

Conventional dentures are usually preferred to immediate dentures: they typically require less realignments and adjustments since the bones and tissue have had a chance to heal before the denture is made.

Overdentures or Partial Dentures

Overdentures or partial dentures are used in cases where there are still healthy, strong teeth left that don’t need to be removed. These are made over a metal framework that attach to your natural teeth. Sometimes a crown is placed over your natural tooth to allow the overdenture an easy spot to attach to it. This kind of denture is popular since it retains your natural and healthy teeth, while providing a removable alternative to bridges.

How to Make Your Dentures Last

We recommend replacing your dentures every 5-8 years, sometimes with repairs happening in between sets. With good care of your dentures, you can make them last as long as possible. Along with the tips below, we recommend regular check-up trips to Corner Dentistry where we’ll be able to spot early signs of issues and fix them before they have a chance to cause real damage to your dentures.

Practice good oral hygiene

With anything dental related, practicing good oral hygiene is the best way to ward off future problems. You should brush your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth every morning before using your dentures. This helps to remove bacteria that would otherwise be transferred to your dentures. The brushing of your gums also helps to stimulate blood flow, resulting in a healthy and strong base for the dentures.

Clean your dentures

In addition to practicing good oral hygiene, cleaning your dentures regularly will help maximize their lifetime. We recommend cleaning your dentures daily to remove plaque, food, and help prevent stains. Always clean them above a bowl of water or a towel so that if they’re dropped, they won’t hit the ground and damage them.

Don’t let them dry out

Dry dentures are more brittle and prone to breakage than ones that are kept hydrated. Never leave your dentures out for an extended period of time—they should be soaked in a denture solution when they’re not in use. Make sure to use lukewarm water for soaking as well, since hot water can lead to warping of the dentures.

Denture Repairs

fixing dentures

Your dentures will probably need a repair eventually, even if you’ve been practicing the best care for them. The daily wear and tear can add up, resulting in a compromised denture that needs attention.

If this happens to yours, don’t try to repair them yourself. This can result in more damage by not fully addressing the original issue. Contact us at Corner Dentistry and we’ll provide a quick and lasting denture repair.

Denture Adjustments

Adjustments can help your dentures feel more comfortable and help prevent cracking from not fitting properly.

After you get your new pair of dentures, it’s common for your mouth to take a little bit of time to get used to them. If this doesn’t improve after a few weeks, you might need an adjustment for them to fit properly. Contact us at Corner Dentistry and we’ll adjust your dentures to ensure a comfortable and reliable fit.

Denture Relines and Rebases

Relines are used when you’ve had your dentures for a while, but they aren’t fitting as well as they used to. The underside of the denture is reshaped to increase comfort and improve the fit when it sits on your gums.

Rebases are needed when the teeth are still in good shape, but the base material isn’t. This process is similar to a reline, but all of the pink acrylic material is replaced instead of just the lining, with the teeth staying the same.

Fixing Cracked Dentures

Cracked dentures are usually a result of an improper fit. If you pay close attention to how your dentures fit and feel—and get them repaired when they’re off—you can hopefully avoid cracked dentures. If yours end up cracked, visit us at Corner Dentistry where Dr. Shim will assess whether we can fix them in-house, if they need to be sent to a lab to be fixed, or if you’d be better off with a brand new set of dentures.

Denture Services in Phoenix

If you’re looking for a quality denture solution in Phoenix, contact us today. At Corner Dentistry, we have years of experience in creating and repairing custom dentures to ensure our patients are happy and comfortable with their smiles.

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